Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) approach has revolutionized the field of couple counseling. EFT is a very effective short term counseling method based on Dr. Johnson’s research and experience studying attachment bonds in love relationships. EFT research has demonstrated a 70% – 75% success rate for participating couples. Dr. Johnson has developed the Hold Me Tight Workshop (based on EFT) for couples interested in enriching and revitalizing there relationships in a short term group format. Both traditional EFT couple counseling and The Hold Me Tight Workshop hold the following objectives:

1. Provide couples a supportive alliance with a therapist or facilitator working for the good of the relationship
2. Help couples develop Insight and understanding regarding negative cycles undermining joy and happiness in the relationship.
3. Enhance couples awareness of emotions and life experiences driving negative interactions within the relationship
4. Increase couples trust in the relationship allowing for better communication of emotions and the expression of wants and needs in softer, more vulnerable ways
5. Enable couples to move toward stronger attachment bonds and security within the relationship

As partners become more aware of the underlying forces driving unwanted negative interactions they have an opportunity to change those interactions. The EFT therapist / Hold Me Tight facilitator helps couples experience interactions in new and safer ways. Couples eventually learn how to reach for one another during difficult times and develop new, more positive cycles of interaction i.e. increased safety, security and love.

Presently EFT is being used in private practices, hospitals and university training centers. It is being successfully applied with different cultures as well as with couples affected by PTSD, depression, and chronic medical conditions. You can learn more about EFT by reading Dr. Johnson books Hold Me Tight and Love Sense. Or you may visit The International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) website.

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